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Best Portable And Handheld TVs Of 2023

Here is a small list of the best portable and handheld TVs. Models listed here have LED and LCD screens and run on rechargeable batteries.

Portable TVs are LCD, LED television sets that are lightweight and easy to carry during camping, caravan, and other outdoor travels. It is also preferred by people who have long working hours and need a source of entertainment during their breaks. Most of these TVs come with rechargeable batteries that are placed within the item’s box.

All Best Handheld and Portable TVs (2023)

The list below includes some new models readily available on popular e-commerce stores like Amazon.

1. Trexonic Portable Rechargeable LED TV

Best Portable TV - Trexonic

This Trexonic Portable Rechargeable LED TV is a flat 14-inch long 1080p TV. It’s a red color device that comes with remote control, car adapter, and A/V cables. It also has a built-in digital tuner, weighs 2.20 pounds, and has a refresh rate of 60.

2. Supersonic SC-2812

Best Portable TV - Supersonic

Supersonic SC-2812 is a 2 pounds tv that has VGA, USB, and HDMI slots in it. It’s a 12-inch tv that requires 1 lithium-ion battery which comes in the box, it’s a rechargeable battery.

3. Rawblue ATSC TFT HD Screen Freeview LED TV

Best Portable TV - Rawblue

Rawblue ATSC TFT HD Screen Freeview LED TV is currently available in 3 sizes, 7 inches, 10 inches, and 14 inches. The 14-inch model weighs 1.72 pounds, 10-inch weighs 1.06 pounds and the 7-inch weighs 0.73 pounds. Its box contains a mini antenna, remote control, car charger, DC adapter, and AV line.

4. Tyler 7 LCD Monitor HD-TV

Best Portable TV - Tyler

Tyler 7 LCD Monitor HD-TV is a flat, 720p, black, table-mounted 7 inches tv. It has ports for USB, AV, AC/DC, headphones, and HDMI and it also has an antenna.

5. Zoshing Portable TV

Best Portable TV

Zoshing Portable TV is 13.3 inches long LCD TV that supports Freeview and has a rechargeable battery. It’s a flat black color tv with dual speakers and support for headphones. Box contains power cable, AV Cables, 12-volt adapter, remote control, and AAA batteries.

This is a small list of the best portable and handheld TVs that have a rechargeable battery, USB, and HDMI ports. If you are looking for a portable speaker with a phone holder, then check out Fingers My Own TV. Found this list helpful then also read the Best Apple Watch for Women and Free Live TV Streaming Websites.