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8 Best Netflix Google Chrome Extensions

Try these cool Google Chrome extensions

Netflix is an outstanding platform that has tons of content to watch. There is a variation in each content on this platform. You will see movies, web series, documentaries, and many more. In addition to these features of Netflix, it also has some Google Chrome extensions which you can binge-watch for many hours.

There are various and best Google Chrome extensions that are Trim, Netflix Auto skip, Scener, Language Learning with Netflix, and many more.

8 Best Netflix Google Chrome Extensions

Choose any of these chrome extensions and check out their benefits.


best google chrome netflix extensions

This is very similar to RateFlix which shows you the IMDB ratings on Netflix. Similarly, Trim shows you Rotten Tomatoes ratings of all the Netflix shows. In this way, you can compare with the other Netflix shows. This Trim is the newest feature that you will be using. In this extension, you will get to see the ratings on the thumbnail of the show or movie. If you tap on that ratings you will get to see the details of IMDB and Rotten tomatoes too. Only it doesn’t show the episodic ratings like RateFlix shows.

Download the Extension – Trim

Netflix Auto Skip

best google chrome netflix extensions

This extension is quite simple and best. Sometimes while watching an episodic series you may get frustrated every time waiting for the Skip Intro button. With the help of this extension, you can skip the intro of any particular show or series. After installing this extension you just have to turn ON the toggle in front of the Intro and Next Episode Countdown. After refreshing the show or series you can overcome this problem.

Download the Extension – Netflix Auto Skip

Netflix Viewing Stats

best google chrome netflix extensions

If you are a person with the nature of doing everything on a proper schedule, then this is the perfect Chrome extension made for you. With the help of this extension, you get to know the exact time you spend while watching a Netflix show, movie, or something else. After installing this extension you get to know the exact time you have to spend on which day.

Example: If your parents scold you for watching Netflix for the whole day then as proof you can show them the exact stats of watching Netflix.

Get the Extension – Netflix Viewing Stats


best google chrome netflix extensions

It is a great extension in this pandemic situation. You and your friends can watch together any show, movie, series, etc. And also talk a lot about the content. For this extension, you can create a separate virtual room for your partners and each person should have their own Netflix account or a single account with access to multiple users. You have to share the virtual theatre code with partners unless you can’t come together for a video chat.

Get the Extension – Scener

Language Learning With Netflix

best google chrome netflix extensions

There are some movies or web series which may attract you towards that language. Then instead of searching the language courses and again bending towards the studying part is quite boring. But you can learn that language while watching that web series or movies by adding this chrome extension.

Example: You are in love with the web series accents like Money Heist then after adding this extension you will get the subtitles along with its real meaning. If you want to learn new languages then you can try this one.

Get the Extension – Language Learning

Netflix Extended

best google chrome netflix extensions

Watching Netflix without touching your cursor pad is the best feeling ever. Popcorn in your one hand and managing the controls is the most irritating and distracting part. Now, with this extension, you can control your Netflix screen with some keyboard shortcuts. Some basic shortcuts are like M for Mute, using the Up and Down arrow for Increasing/Decreasing Volume.

There are 4 new keyboard shortcuts;

N – Switch to the next episode

R – Can’t decide to watch anything new. Pressing this keyboard shortcut and it will play any random movie or show.

– Switch to the previous episode

Esc – Quick return to Netflix Home screen

You can even customize your own keyboard shortcuts by heading towards options in the settings menu.

Get the Extension – Netflix Extended

Super Netflix

best google chrome netflix extensions

You can now become Netflix config director. Now manage everything of your own choice like from video quality to adding new subtitles while watching any local content. Also, you have the liberty to add a color scheme for your favorite show.

Also, you can skip the intro of any TV show or web series which you want to watch. It is like you get powers off your Netflix. There are many more features that make your Netflix watching experience the best.

Get the Extension – Super Netflix


best google chrome netflix extensions

If you love to watch any show or movie just lying on one side of your bed then this extension is the perfect match for you. Along with it, now flip your Netflix screen too. After installing this Netflix chrome extension you can flip your screen 90 degrees clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Get the Extension – Netflip

These are some of the best Netflix Chrome extensions which you must try at least once while watching Netflix.