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What Are The Best Meta Quest 2 Accessories (2023)

Follow this guide to know about the best Meta Quest 2 accessories.

If you are looking for the best VR Headsets around, the Meta Quest 2 is one worth looking for. If you’re a fan of a great gaming experience through the VR Headsets then the Meta Quest 2 is the one you should go for. If you purchase its accessories along with it, the experience will be even better. Following is the guide to know about the best Meta Quest 2 accessories of 2022.

Top Must-have Accessories of Meta Quest 2 (2023)

best meta quest 2 accessories

There are various accessories that you can purchase along with the Meta Quest 2 headset. These accessories make sure that your gaming experience turns out to be the best. So what are the best accessories that you can buy with the headset? Here is the list:

  • Meta 2 Carrying case.
  • Meta 2 Headphones.
  • Meta Quest 2 Head Strap.
  • Nufr Shell Front Face Protector.
  • VR Mat.
  • Quest 2 Accessories Bundle.

Meta 2 Carrying Case

meta quest 2 carrying case

If you are someone who doesn’t only plays games inside the house but outside too, you should go for the Meta Quest 2 Carrying Case. This case ensures that you are comfortable carrying your VR Headsets along with you. This accessory is a must if you care about the headsets not getting damaged while traveling.  This will cost you $25.99. 

Meta 2 Headphones

best meta quest 2 headphones

When you are using the VR headset, you are bound to move according to the movement of the game. So for this, you need a perfectly measured length headphone. The Logitech G333 headphones are perfect for the movements you make while playing the game. This will be available for $47.  You can also use the Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset for noise cancellation. The price for this would be $68.90. But this might feel heavy if you’re constantly moving your head.

Meta Quest 2 Head Strap

best meta quest 2 head strap

Since the Quest 2 is quite heavy from the front, you would need a head strap to feel comfortable and stable. One good option is the BOBOVR M2 head strap. You would feel your headset placed in a firm way which makes it easier to concentrate on the game and the visuals. It costs $32.99. Currently, it is out of stock but it is expected to be available next week.

VR Shell Front Face Protector

best meta quest 2 front face protector

If you are guilty of dropping things, then you should go for the front face protector tool. You can try the VR Shell Front Face Protector. It will guard your headset and also protect you from the dust that can sit on it. You will be carefree once you buy it. This will be available at $15.

VR Mat

best meta quest 2 vr mat

These mats are perfect if you don’t want to move too much from your place. These are a little higher than the floor surface so you will get to know if you are moving away too much. You can try the ProxiMat Space Station Theo 35. This will be available at $50.

Quest 2 Accessories Bundle

You have an option of purchasing the accessories bundle where you get a lot of things in a single bundle. This bundle of accessories includes a carrying case, a head strap, and also an extended battery. These official products are way cheaper than third-party individual products. You don’t have to surf for each product individually since you can get it in just one bundle.

Thus, these were the best Meta Quest 2 Accessories that you can purchase for the VR Headset. While you are here, you might be also interested to know about the Best Capture Cards for Streaming your Nintendo Switch and Best Mobile Gaming Headphones.