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3 Best Kids Smartwatch with GPS Tracking, SOS & Calling Feature

This guide has listed 3 kids smartwatches with GPS to keep in touch with your child all the time.

Smartwatches are devices that do more than show you time. You can track your health tracker, receive notification and even use it as a GPS tracker. But not all smartwatches are the same, different brands prioritize different features based on their audience niches. So what if you need a smartwatch to keep track of your kid? What kind of feature shall it have apart from GPS tracking and more importantly what are some best smartwatches for kids on the market? All these questions regarding children’s smartwatches are answered in this guide.

Top GPS Tracker Smartwatches for Kids

A smartwatch for kids must include a GPS tracker and an SOS emergency calling feature to keep your child safe even in emergencies. Also, it must include features like calling support, and notification alert when your child leaves your safe zone. Since kids play a lot, there is a risk of the smartwatch getting damaged due to water features, like water-resistant, and dust resistant can be useful too. Keeping these points in mind, here are the 3 best kids’ smartwatches that you can buy:

1. TickTalk 4 Kids Smartwatch

TickTalk 4 Kids smartwatch

Pros Cons Age Range
GPS Tracker and Emergency SOS Voice Recording No in-built games 5 – 12 years
Video Calling Works only with T-Mobile and AT&T
Activity Tracker
iHeart Radio Family Music Streaming

TickTalk 4 is the best smartwatch for kids aged between 5 – 12 years. It has accurate GPS tracking and an emergency SOS feature. Also, it has features like Wi-Fi calling, voice recordings, video calling, and an activity tracker that keeps your child safe. Additionally, the iHeartRadio Family music streaming feature keeps your child entertained. Also, it has IP67 water resistance, drop-proof and shockproof. But the only drawback that TickTalk 4 has is it only works with AT&T or T-Mobile carriers. You can buy TickTalk 4 for $159.99 from this Amazon website link.

2. Rayph Store Kids GPS smartwatch


Pros Cons Age Range
GPS tracking and Auto-SOS emergency calling No text support 3 – 11 years
Two-way HD call Incompatible with Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T mobile carriers
Long Battery Life (up to 72 hours)
12 different in-build games

Rayph Store kids smartwatch has a few common security features like GPS tracking, and emergency SOS calling making it appropriate for 3 – 11 years old kids. But what makes this smartwatch fascinating is its prolonged battery life which can last long up to 72 days when not in use. Additionally, it has features like two-way HD-call, and auto-SOS which means when in danger, the smartwatch will call 3 SOS numbers 2 times each. Moreover, some kids friendly features like 12 different types of games, a calculator, and a music player are also included in it. It is incompatible with Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T mobile carriers. You can buy this smartwatch from this Amazon website link.

3. Gabb Watch 2

Gabb Watch 2

Pros Cons Age Range
GPS tracking and SOS emergency call Can only send preset text messages 6 – 13 years
Safe Zone Parental Alert Not fully water-resistant
Can call up to 25 preset contacts

Gabb Watch 2 is a subscription-based kid smartwatch appropriate for 6–13 years old children. You will have to sign in for a 1-year or 2-year contract that costs around $14.99 per month, or you can pay $149.99 on their Full Retail plan. It has features like a Safe Zone parental alert that notifies parents whenever the kid leaves the Safe Zone. Apart from this, it has GPS tracking, an emergency SOS feature, and a blocked internet and social media feature making it a parental control-friendly smartwatch. You can purchase Gabb Watch 2 from this Gabb wireless website link.

These were our top 3 best smartwatch picks for your kids that have inbuilt GPS to keep in touch with your child. Also, check out our other guides, such as the 5 Best Tactical Smartwatches- Best Rugged Watches or Which is the toughest smartwatch – Price and Specs.