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5 Best Free Registry Cleaners For Windows 10 – Boost Your System

List of Best Registry Cleaner for Windows 10, Windows 11. Windows Registry Cleaner apps will help you to speed up Windows performance.

Registry Cleaners help you wipe out unnecessary applications data from the core system of Windows 10 or Windows 11 platform. Many users install a lot of software, they add their entries in Windows registry which help them to function well. But as you remove those tools their entries in the registry are still present. For this, you will need good register cleaner software. This article contains information on the top 5 Registry Cleaner app for Windows 10 & Windows 11 platforms.

What is Regedit?

This is the source through which you can clear your unwanted registry entries. Press Windows Key + R, Enter Regedit, in the search box of the “run” tab. Registry Editor named window will appear on your screen. Click on “Edit” >  then select “Find Option”.

best registry cleaner for windows

Now you have to enter the name of the deleted application. Once you are done with the name then hit on find next, then you have to right-click and choose to delete on the highlighted file which appears after clicking on the find next option. To delete more leftover files press the F3 key on your keyboard

best registry cleaner for windows

5 Best Registry Cleaners For Windows 10

If you are looking for an external app to clean the registry entries, here are some of 5 best and free applications for your Windows 10


best registry cleaner for windows

This application has a built-in tool of a registry cleaner, which makes your work easier and faster. It’s very simple to use and navigate, because of its interface. The registry cleaner tool even asks for backup before enabling the cleaning process. CCleaner has free as well as the paid version, the paid version had some more advanced features real-time monitoring, automatic browse cleaning, etc. But you can still stick to its free version, which is also impressive.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner

best registry cleaner for windows

This cleaner deletes the errors and crashes, by cleaning, repairing, and optimizing your PC. This will make your PC run smoothly. Some poorly written software codes don’t get uninstall with their main application or software.

This application finds all those code files and deletes them permanently. In the free version, various categories are unchecked so, according to your choice you can check those categories which you want to be fixed. This application also has paid version but its free version is also best.

WinUtilites Free Cleaner

best registry cleaner for windows

Apart from cleaning the registry entries, this cleaner boosts your pc performance, by clearing the errors, crashes, and freezes. Protects your private history and keeps your sensitive data safe. There is a disk cleaner that removes the clutter from your device, this app optimizes your Windows system and keeps running faster. There is also a paid software named “ScanMyReg”.

Jet Clean

best registry cleaner for windows

This application is very light, easy-to-use, and reliable. Clean and simple interface, just by one click you can get rid of unwanted registry entries and junk files. This app speeds up your windows 10 performance. Makes your system stable by cleaning the errors and crashes. You can make your current version to the portable version and use that option in the toolbar. It is free and safe for downloading.

Wise Registry Cleaner

best registry cleaner for windows

The simple and elegant interface of this application. Before you perform any cleaning activity throughout your system this app keeps the backup of your data so, by mistakenly you deleted something it can be restored easily. Fixes all your system registry problems and hand over a safe and clean PC. There are two modes in this application one is “fast scan” and “deep scan”. You can tell this cleaner about any specific registry entries which you don’t want to delete, and it will do as you command, that’s why its name is wise cleaner.

Here we come to the conclusion part of our article, you can download the tools which suit your requirement. Wipe out unwanted applications data that will also help you to speed up your Windows 10 performance.