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Best Cases For iPhone 14 Plus In Matte Black (2023)

Here in this guide is the list of best cases for your latest iPhone 14 Plus in matte black,

The one thing to do after getting a new iPhone14 Plus is to get a strong, durable case to protect it from getting damaged. We might sometimes just drop the phone accidentally, or maybe the back gets a scratch. These situations could be avoided by getting a good screen and camera-protecting back case for your iPhone. Furthermore, it becomes difficult to choose from various colors, designs, and options available in the market. In this article, we bring you the best matte black back case for your iPhone14 Plus.

4 Best iPhone14 Plus Cases (2023) in Matte Black

When getting a new iPhone, its protection must be kept intact. For this, all we need is a good case for the phone to keep it protected from damage. But how do we know that this case will be best suited for our new iPhone 14 Plus? Here are some of the factors to look into before you get a case for your iPhone14 Plus:

  • Durability – Investing a few dollars into a back case will always require it to be durable in the long run. The cases should also be handy and durable during any weather condition to avoid wear and tear.
  • MagSafe – iPhone can provide wireless charging to different MagSafe accessories when attached to its back. The cases that are being brought should be MagSafe so that you can easily charge accessories from the back of your phone.
  • Drop Protection – When we buy a case, the one important thing that we look for is the safety of the iPhone. If the case could not provide screen and drop protection, then there will be no use in getting a good iPhone case.

Other factors to keep in mind while getting a case for your iPhone 14 Plus are that they should be reasonable in price, water-resistant, and fit your device. Now, let us take a look at the 4 best iPhone 14 Plus back cases in matte black color.

1. Tocol Case – Best In Value

Tocol Case

The liquid silicon body Matte Black case comes at a reasonable value price, with all the other features. The Tocol case comes with a soft inside body and along with the case, there are a lot of other accessories that make it the best in value from the list. The accessories that come with this are 2 lens protectors, 2 screen protectors, stickers, and more. talking about the features of the case, it comes with a tight fit to the phone, super strong edges, camera side edges to protect it, and a clean case. The only drawback is the edges are not super-reinforced to ensure drop protection. Overall, the other functions are good to use.

2. CaseKoo KooShock – Shock Resistant

CaseKoo Shock Proof Case

Another one on the list we have is the CaseKoo Kooshock case. The stand-out feature of the case is that it is shockproof and at a cheap price. The frosted back of the case allows you to show off your phone. The case comes with a stand as an accessory to use. The TPU-styled plastic makes it look more effective and classy. Also, it offers screen protection and camera protection, the sides have a matte finish, offer good drop protection, and the all-around energy gives shock protection.

3. Spigen Mag Armor MagFit – All Rounder

Spigen Mag Armor matte black

The Spigen Mag Armor case offers MagSafe and can be used while charging MagSafe accessories. It offers wireless charging, TPU durability, drop protection using air cushion technology, raised edges for camera and screen protection, and is made with thermoplastic polyethylene. This case is only compatible with iPhone 14 Plus. The case has another color option in Navy Blue. The most important feature is that this case is military-grade certified, which makes it the best in safety and phone protection. But the only holdback to the case is its cost.

4. Caseology Parallax Mag – Unique Design

Caseology Parallax Mag

Last on the list we have is the Caseologys’ Parallax Mag. This case is minimal in its look and has good safety features to offer. Also, it comes at a good price, which makes it affordable too. There are two different color options available; Midnight Blue and Burgundy. The cover has a unique hexa-cube design on its back that makes it stand out different from the others on the list. The case is MagSafe and offers wireless charging to MagSafe accessories. Also, it offers good screen protection and is military-grade certified.

These were our 4 picks for the best iPhone 14 Plus case in the matte black color and all the features that you need to keep in mind before getting a case for your new iPhone. You can also read about the best cases for MacBook Air in our article –Best Cases For 15-Inch MacBook Air With M2 Chip In 2023