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Which are some of the Best Apple AirTag Dog Collar for Pets

Check out our 5 best picks for AirTag Dog Collar mentioned in this guide for your pets to keep track of them.

Apple AirTag is a small device that can help you locate your belongings using the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad. But did you know that you can also use it to track your pets? Yes, you can attach an AirTag to your dog’s collar and never worry about losing them again. However, not all dog collars are compatible with AirTag, and some may be more comfortable and secure than others. So, in this guide, we got you our 5 best dog collar picks that can hold an AirTag and discuss their pros and cons.

Top 5 AirTag Dog Collars for Tracking Pets

Based on criteria like durability, AirTag compatibility, price, and more, here are our 5 best AirTag dog collar picks:

1. Belkin Secure AirTag Holder with Key Ring

Belkin secure holder for AirTag with Key Ring

This is a simple and affordable option that lets you attach an AirTag to any dog collar with a metal ring. The holder is made of durable plastic and comes in four colors: black, white, blue, and pink. It has a twist-and-lock design that keeps the AirTag securely in place and protects it from scratches and water damage. Also, the holder has a key ring that you can use to attach other items, such as a name tag or a leash. You can buy this Belkin AirTag holder for $11 from this Amazon website link.

2. Nomad Leather Loop for AirTag

Nomad leather loop for AirTag Dog Collar

This is a premium option that adds some style and elegance to your dog’s collar. The loop is made of high-quality Horween leather that ages beautifully over time. It has a strong adhesive backing that sticks to any flat surface, such as a metal or plastic buckle. Moreover, the loop has a cutout that fits the AirTag perfectly and exposes the Apple logo. The loop also has a microfiber lining that prevents the AirTag from sliding out. You can buy this leather loop for $10 from this Nomad website link.

3. Spigen Valentinus Case for AirTag

Spigen Valentinus Dog Collar AirTag for pets

This is a versatile option that can be used as a dog collar or a keychain. The case is made of faux leather and has a snap button closure that opens and closes easily. Also, it has a slot that holds the AirTag firmly and protects it from scratches and dust. Moreover, the case has a metal ring that you can use to attach to any dog collar or other items. You can buy Spigen AirTag Valentinus from this Spigen website link for $24.

4. Casetify Custom AirTag Holder

Casetify Dog Collar Airtag holder for pets

This is a fun option that lets you personalize your dog’s collar with your own design. The tag is made of stainless steel and has a glossy finish that resists scratches and fingerprints. Additionally, the tag has a hole that fits the AirTag snugly and exposes the Apple logo. You can choose from various shapes, colors, fonts, and icons to create your own custom pet tag. Also, you can add your dog’s name, phone number, or other information. The Casetify AirTag holder comes at the price of $35, and you can buy them from this Casetify website link.

5. ElevationLab TagVault: Pet for AirTag

Elevationlab Tag Vault

This is a rugged option that is designed for active and adventurous dogs. The vault is made of hard plastic and has a rubber seal that makes it waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. Also, the vault has a hinge that opens easily and locks securely. Moreover, it has a cavity that holds the AirTag tightly and blocks any sound or light from it. The vault also has a metal loop that you can use to attach to any dog collar or harness. You can buy this Elevationlab TagVault AirTag holder for $29 from this Amazon website link.

These were our 5 best AirTag dog collar picks for pets. Also, check out our other guides, such as the Best AirTag Wallet or the Best AirTag keychain.