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Battlefield Mobile Live on Google Play Store: How To Pre-Register, Requirements, Cross-Play and More

A new mobile game of Battlefield Mobile is live on Google Play Store, check how you can pre-register for the app, what are its requirements and more.

In these recent hours, the first version of Battlefield Mobile is live on Google Play Store. In addition, EA has also confirmed a series of playtests for Android mobile phones. Let’s find out more details about Battlefield Mobile.

What is Battlefield Mobile?

Battlefield Mobile Game Modes

Suddenly, a listing of Battlefield Mobile appeared in the Google Play Store, including the first pictures. Graphically, the game resembles a Battlefield 3 with very low-quality textures. The game promises popular gameplay and destruction, which we know from classic parts. There will be new maps and modes in the title.

When will Battlefield Mobile become available?

EA has announced on its official website that Battlefield Mobile will be “rolling out” with a series of smaller playtests in Indonesia and the Philippines first. The playtests will be only available on Android devices which will begin from Autumn 2021.

How to pre-register for Battlefield Mobile?

For the time being, users cannot pre-register for Battlefield Mobile. EA has mentioned that they will launch a page soon that will let players to pre-register for the game and sign up for news about future playtests. After the game is available in your region, you can pre-register for it. Players will be automatically notified when the play-tests will be available.

What are the requirements of Battlefield Mobile?

Battlefield Mobile is still in development at the moment and it will be optimized to run on a number of mobile devices. Right now the game will be available in beta to play-testers and it will require Android 7.0 and up. In the future, the game will support more mobile devices.

What content will Battlefield Mobile contain?

Battlefield Mobile will be free-to-play and it will only include cosmetic items. The overall impression of the game is quite positive and it is worth mentioning that the map available in the playtest is Grand Bazaar from Battlefield 3. The classic Battlefield game mode called Conquest will be also available.

Will Battlefield Mobile feature cross-play with other game versions?

EA has mentioned in the FAQ that Battlefield Mobile will not feature cross-play with any consoles or PC versions of Battlefield, since the game is built especially for mobile.

In the end, it seems like Battlefield Mobile will probably have a similar model to Fortnite Mobile, PUBG Mobile, or the mobile title of Call of Duty.