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Apple Pencil USB-C Not Pairing with iPad – How To Fix?

If you are unable to pair your Apple Pencil USB-C with any iPad then read this.

Apple Pencil USB-C has some compatibility issues due to which it does not pair to older iPads. This has been fixed with recent updates. But if Apple Pencil USB-C is still not working then there is a way to use it with older iPads. Remember it all relies on the iOS update.

How to Pair Apple Pencil USB-C with iPad?

Apple Pencil Settings

The first way to connect Apple Pencil with older iPads is the iOS update. If you have iOS 17.1.1 or later then you will not face any issue with Bluetooth pairing. Apple Pencil is not compatible with iOS lower than 17.1.1. So if you have this update then there must be no issue.

Still, if Apple Pencils USB-C is not working with iPad then connect it directly via Type-C USB cable. Connect the pencil to the iPad using the cable and then check the status. It will work, also make sure you have a compatible Type-C cable. Not all cables will work with the device.

The third way is via an App called LightBlue. This app can help you to connect your Apple Pencil to the older generation of iPads. But no guarantee it will work, so it is best to go with the official methods. That is by getting the latest iOS update or by using a compatible Type-C cable.

Do check the Apple Pencil settings in the Settings menu. There is an option to Only Draw with Apple Pencil. Turn the iPad’s Bluetooth on/off to see if it is visible in the My Devices section. By default, it is designed to stay turned on always and will be displayed as soon as Bluetooth is on.

Apple Pencil USB-C Compatibility List:

  • iPad (10th generation)
  • iPad mini (6th generation)
  • iPad Air (4th generation and later)
  • iPad Pro 11-inch (all generations)
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation and later)

For older iPads, you can try the LightBlue app it might work. Most of the time a Type-C USB cable connect will resolve the issue. Allowing you to use the device with the iPad. But you have to keep it connected. Chances there can be some fault Apple Pencils Bluetooth that is not allowing it to pair with the iPad. You can reach out to Apple Support for more help.