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Apple Hardware Subscription Service: Release Date, Price and More

Check out this article to find all the information about Apple Hardware Subscription Service, its release date, price and more.

Apple is trying to bring a hardware subscription service for the iPhone, iPad, Mac computers, and other Apple-branded products. Similarly, like the iPhone Upgrade Program, users will be able to pay a monthly fee instead of paying upfront money or funded installments. In addition, the users will also be able to manage all the things via their Apple account, similar to any other subscription. In this guide, let us now check what is the release date, price, and other details of the Apple Hardware Subscription Service below.

Apple Hardware Subscription: Release Date, Price, and More

apple hardware subscription release date, price

As mentioned above, Apple is reportedly preparing the launch of a subscription plan for its hardware, it could release by the end of the year 2023 in the best case. This new program for the acquisition of a Mac, an iPad, or an iPhone is actively tested, explains Mark Gurman, according to Bloomberg.

Thus, customers could subscribe to receive an iPhone or other Apple device and be able to use it only during the period of their subscription. It would ultimately be the same operation as existing subscriptions like iCloud or Apple Music, but this time for hardware products.

As for the cost, it is suggested that the price of an Apple Hardware Subscription to pay to take home an iPhone 13 without constraints will be 35 dollars; the 13 Pro could cost $45 and the 13 Pro Max would be $50. Within the cost, we will find the Apple One and Apple Care services included.

However, with the hardware subscription, the user will not own the iPhone since it will be seen as a “free loan service” for the payment of a fee. Then for whom is it aimed? Simple, those who always like to change devices every year and don’t want to own a phone, so they can change without constraints and more, can find this plan advantageous.

The Cupertino company just wants to generate more revenue and with a subscription plan, it could succeed. To date, it’s just a rumor, so we invite you to take everything with a pinch of salt.

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