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Is there an Anydesk Alternative for Mac?

Here are the top alternatives to AnyDesk for Mac operating system. Top AnyDesk alternatives are TeamViewer, TightVNC, etc.

AnyDesk is a free software that gives you two-way remote access between two personal computers. The program was developed by Philandro Software in Germany. It is one of the main competitors for Teamviewer and SupRemo Remote Desktop program. However, there are also many alternative remote desktop software available for Mac. So, if you are looking to choose the best Anydesk alternative program for Mac, check out the list given below.

Is there an Anydesk Alternative for Mac?

There is no doubt that Anydesk is the best remote access software available on the market. Even two benchmark studies have confirmed it. The program also offers a DeskRT video codec that enables fast data transmission at low bandwidth of 100 kB/s.

In any case, the option to be able to operate a laptop or a computer from the mobile has been increasing these days, but not all have a good reputation, security, and options. For this reason, below you can find a list of software to be able to connect to your Mac computer remotely from other devices.


teamviewer for mac

One of the most downloaded remote desktop software is TeamViewer at a general level, with more than 15 million daily remote control sessions, as per the figures provided by the same company. To use it, you will have to download and install it on the Mac computer you want to access. After that, you should carry out the same process on the device that you will use to access and that’s it.

There is also the possibility of being connected to several Macs simultaneously, recording these sessions, sending documents between them, and some other options. You can download TeamViewer for free for personal use, but its more advanced options and other benefits come through paid subscriptions.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop

google chrome remote desktop for mac

If you are looking for simple yet fast applications or programs like these, we will say with confidence that Google Chrome Remote Desktop is the option for you. It is an application created by Google that, by installing an extension in the same browser, allows you to connect from another device. You will not only be able to control the Chrome browser itself, but it is also in your power to control the entire Mac computer, as if you were really manipulating it in person. It is available for Chrome Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux (beta), etc.


tightvnc for mac

TightVNC is a free remote desktop software for professionals. It will allow users to remote access a Mac from a computer with an internet connection and a web browser. After the connection is established, you can graphically control the remote computer through your mouse and keyboard.

TightVNC is a program in SAAS mode (software as a service): it is therefore supported by all operating systems (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS) because it is accessible from an Internet web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.


logmeIn for mac

LogMeIn is considered one of the safest and most reliable programs to control Mac computers remotely. In fact, we are not talking about a single application but a true suite of connections between equipment.

Among them is the most interesting LogMeIn Pro, a subscription service thanks to which you can connect remotely to Windows and Mac computers. The Pro version starts at $30 per month and gives you access to up to 2 computers.


supremo for mac

Finally comes SupRemo, another effective, lightweight, and secure tool for establishing connections with remote computers and desktops. The program is also cross-platform, so it supports different operating system versions such as Windows, Mac OS, GNU/Linux, and both Android and iOS mobiles.

You can get the program for free for personal use, and as you may already suppose, there are also various payment options to get a more specialized version for business use.

That is everything you need to know about Anydesk alternative programs for Mac. Also, do not forget to check out the best password managers for Mac operating system, the best features between Android 12 vs iOS 15, and the Best Backup Software Alternative to Acronis