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AirTag vs Tile – Which Is Tracking Device You Should Buy? (2023)

To know which tracker device is the best based on design, features, performance, battery life and more, this Tile vs AirTag comparison guide will help you.

Tile and AirTag trackers use Bluetooth technology to connect to your smartphone and show you the location of your items on a map. So, if you are looking for a device that can help you locate your keys, wallet, phone, or anything else that you might lose or misplace, you might be interested in these two tracking devices. But which one is better for your needs? Hence, in this AirTag vs Tile guide, we will compare Tile and AirTag on several aspects, such as design, features, performance, battery life, and price to help you get a clear idea of which tracker suits you best.

Tile vs AirTag

AirTag vs Tile

To know which Tracking device is the best among Tile and AirTag is the best based on the design, features, performance, battery life, and price, here’s the comparison for the same:


Tile and AirTag have different designs that appeal to different tastes and preferences. Tile is a square-shaped device that comes in various sizes and colors. You can attach it to your items with a keyring, an adhesive, or a clip. Tile also has a button on the front that you can press to make your phone ring if you lose it. AirTag is a circular device that is slightly smaller than Tile. It has a shiny metal surface on one side and a white plastic surface on the other. You can customize it with an engraving or an emoji. AirTag does not have a hole or a button, so you need to buy a separate accessory to attach it to your items or use an adhesive. You can also tap your AirTag with your phone to make it play a sound if you lose it.


Both Tile and AirTag have similar features that allow you to find your items easily. They both use Bluetooth to connect to your phone and show you the approximate location of your items on a map. They both have a crowd-sourced network that can help you find your items if they are out of Bluetooth range. This means that if another user of Tile or AirTag passes by your lost item, their phone will anonymously update its location on the map for you. They both also have a feature that lets you share the location of your item with someone else, such as a family member or a friend.

However, there are some differences in the features of Tile and AirTag that might make one more appealing than the other depending on your preferences. For example, Tile has a smart alert feature that notifies you when you leave your item behind. This can help you prevent losing your item in the first place. AirTag does not have this feature, but it has a precision finding feature that gives you more accurate directions to your item when you are close to it. Another difference is that Tile works with both iOS and Android devices, while AirTag only works with iOS devices. This means that if you have an Android phone or tablet, you cannot use AirTag at all.


The performance of Tile and AirTag depends largely on the strength of their Bluetooth connection and their network coverage. Both trackers have a Bluetooth range of about 200 feet (60 meters), but this can vary depending on the environment and the interference from other devices. Both trackers also rely on their network of users to update the location of their items when they are out of Bluetooth range. However, since AirTag only works with iOS devices, its network might be smaller than Tile’s network, which works with both iOS and Android devices. This means that if you lose your item in an area where there are fewer iOS users than Android users, you might have less chance of finding it with AirTag than with Tile.

Battery Life

The battery life of Tile and AirTag depends on how often you use them and how often they communicate with your phone or the network. Both trackers claim to have a battery life of about a year, but this can vary depending on your usage patterns. The good thing is that both trackers have replaceable batteries that are easy to change when they run out of power. Tile uses standard coin cell batteries that are widely available in stores or online. AirTag uses CR2032 batteries that are also common and easy to find.


The price of Tile and AirTag depends on which model and how many units you buy. Tile has four models – Tile Mate which costs around $25, while Tile Slim costs around $30, Tile Sticker costs $40 for a set of two, and finally the Tile Pro costs around $35. Also, you can buy them in bundles or subscriptions for discounts or extra features. Whereas AirTag costs $29 for one unit or $99 for four units. Also, you can buy accessories for AirTag from Apple or third-party vendors for different prices.

In short, Tile and AirTag are both great trackers that can help you find your items quickly and easily. However, if you are an Android user AirTag might not be a suitable tracker for you. But if you use Apple products and want to track your devices more precisely AirTag is the best tracking device.

With that, this AirTag vs Tile guide ends. Also, check out our other guides, such as the Best AirTag alternative, or the Best AirTag keychain.