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How to Activate WhatsApp Dark Mode on iOS and Android

Here's a guide to enable to activate WhatsApp dark mode or there on your iOS and Android devices for good readability.

WhatsApp also joined the list of various apps (like Instagram, Telegram, etc.) that offer Dark Mode, allowing users to choose whether to keep the interface with light color tones or activate the theme with darker color tones tending towards black/grey dark. As of March 3, 2020, dark mode on Whatsapp is available with the latest version of the app for both iOS and Android devices. In this guide, you will learn how to activate WhatsApp dark mode on iOS and Android devices in detail below.

WhatsApp: How to Activate Dark Mode on iOS and Android (2023)

activate WhatsApp dark mode on iOS and Android

After the WhatsApp app update rolling out on March 3, 2020, has been installed on your phone, users with Android 10 and iOS 13 devices should already find dark mode activated in WhatsApp if previously activated in the device settings, while users with Android 9 and earlier can access WhatsApp settings, tap Chats > Theme and select ‘Dark’.

In all cases, you can check out the step-by-step method given below on how to enable the Dark Theme on WhatsApp on your Android and iOS devices:

  • First, open the Whatsapp Settings.
  • Here you will find yourself faced with the new ‘Theme’ section in ‘Chat’ where you can choose whether to activate the ‘Dark’, ‘Light’, or ‘Default’ theme (based on System settings).
  • By choosing the ‘Light’ option, the Whatsapp interface remains the same as before, in any case, even if the dark theme is active at the operating system level.
  • All you need to do is just select the ‘Dark’ option, and the Whatsapp interface will be turned into a very dark grey/blue color.
  • By choosing the ‘Default’ option, the Whatsapp interface respects the setting chosen at the operating system level.

Dark Mode or Theme Benefits in WhatsApp

Dark mode, which is absolutely not mandatory, gives a new look to the instant message applications’ interface. Not only you might like it because of the darker color tones but it brings with it other benefits such as reduced eye strain and lower battery consumption (on devices with Oled/Amoled displays). Furthermore, it helps to avoid unpleasant situations in which the light from the phone causes disturbance.

WhatsApp explained that in designing the dark mode it focused on two aspects in particular: Readability and Visual hierarchy of information. The engineers looked for the right colors to minimize eye strain, choosing colors as similar as possible to the default ones of the respective iPhone and Android platforms. In addition, the team of developers wanted to provide users with a more immediate view of the information on the screen by using colors and other graphic elements capable of highlighting the most important ones.

So, that’s all there is to know about how to activate WhatsApp dark mode on Android and iOS devices. While you are here, you might also like to read our other WhatsApp Guides.