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A4 Paper Size To Pixels Conversion

Learn about what A4 Paper Size is in Pixels from this guide.

Paper is a medium on which information can propagate. May it be in the form of a Poster, Banner, Brochure, etc. As such, designing one is very important as an eye-catching & well-made Poster will be chosen over the ones that were not made properly. But while designing, it should be ensured that your Digital Design can properly fit on an A4 Size Paper if that is what you are making. In this guide, I will show you what A4 Paper Size is in Pixels.

What is A4 Paper Size in Pixels?

a4 paper size pixels

As mentioned above, Paper is a medium on which information can propagate. To be more specific, Physical information like Banners & Posters. Pixels on the other hand function similarly to Paper but in a Digital form. When we ask how many Pixels are in the image, means that we are asking about the size of the image & how well it can be displayed. While creating a Digital Design, it is important to ensure that your Canvas size is the same as the Paper you are going to print it on. So here is the conversion from Paper to Pixels.

  • A4 Paper Size = 2480 x 3508 Pixels. (For High Resolution, 300 DPI)
  • A4 Size = 595 x 842 Pixels. (For Low Resolution, 72 DPI)
  • For 600 DPI, A4 Size = 4961  x 7016 Pixels.

When you are setting up a Canvas in your Photo Editor, set the Resolution as shown above. Resolution is an Area of Pixels.  DPI stands for Dots Per Inch, it is the standard while printing for the number of Dot inks to be in a square inch of area. If you are designing in A4 Size, I suggest using the 300 DPI measurement. If you want to see A4 Paper Size in mm then the Resolution becomes 210 x 297 mm.

This was all about what A4 Paper Size is in Pixels. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like What Is The Difference Between 4K, QHD And UHD Resolution.