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Xbox Stream Box Prototype Features & Images Leaked Online

The Xbox Stream Box would be a good alternative to the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. All you need is television or an external monitor and wifi connection.

Xbox Stream Box Leaked

With the next-gen consoles of Microsoft, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, you can easily enjoy your favorite Xbox games. Xbox boss Phil Spencer announced last year that the portfolio would be expanded to include another alternative. Accordingly, there should be a way in which you can play Xbox Series X/S games on the TV without a console.

The prerequisite for this, however, is that you have a Smart TV that can be connected to the Internet. Only then can you access the Xbox games thanks to xCloud streaming. But for all those interested who do not have Internet access on their TV or external monitor, Microsoft may at some point have the right solution ready.

In that sense, a prototype version of the so-called Xbox Stream Box has now appeared on social media. This device can be connected to a television or other screen with Internet access.

The box has WIFI by default, but can also be connected to the Internet by cable. The device is to be supplied with power via a USB-C connection and has an HDMI connection for the screen:

It should not only be possible to wirelessly connect your Xbox controller to the box. Rather, gamers can connect their wireless mouse and keyboard to the box. In addition, the device should offer voice chat and apps like Disney+ and HBO.

Spencer revealed last year that the service should come in 2021. The source also says that the box should actually have been released in 2021. The box is also affected by the current shortage of semiconductor chips, which is why the release could be delayed to 2022. In any case, the leaker does not give a source for his information, so take this news with a grain of salt for the time being.