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Xbox Twitter Profile Responds to “PS5 Is Better” Replies, Roasting PlayStation Players

The comparison between the two famous gaming platforms, Xbox Series X from Microsoft, and PlayStation 5 from Sony, has become quite complex, after the last generation was decided in favor of the PlayStation from the moment they were announced, but the matter has become different in this generation, and competition is getting more and more intense and exciting day by day.

Xbox responds to “PS5 Is Better” replies, roasting PlayStation players

Today, the official Xbox account on the Twitter platform was exposed to a barrage of repeated comments that caught everyone’s attention, also accompanied by the hashtag “PS5 is better”, which means, as you know, “Playstation 5 is better”, and here, of course, it is intended to brag and provoke the Xbox account at the same time.

The official Xbox account surprised them by commenting on this hashtag with a tweet as follows: “To the people in our replies saying ‘PS5 is better’: ​The best console is the one you enjoy playing. Have fun!”

This response was a blow to everyone who used that hashtag continuously and without a good or specific reason during these competitive times.

Even if PlayStation didn’t join in the same conversation, but Cory Barlog did, the God of War director at Sony Santa Monica, as seen in the Tweet below.

Thus, the official account of Xbox used this balanced and rational response that shows the professionalism of those in charge of the account, without drifting behind emotions that may lead to more unnecessary quarrels.