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Xbox Quick Resume Feature Reportedly Coming to Windows Gamers

The Xbox Series X/S Quick Resume feature could soon make its debut on PC as well, as the clue comes directly from the new Asus ROG Ally event.

The Quick Resume, one of the most popular features of the Xbox Series X/S, could soon stop being available exclusively on consoles, in fact, it seems that Microsoft is reflecting on how to bring it to Windows gamers as well and, more generally, to introduce it on new Windows operating systems. Check out the complete information below.

Xbox Quick Resume Feature Coming to Windows Gamers

The Xbox Series X/S has a really cool feature called Quick Resume, which allows players to instantly pick up where they left off in a game even if they have turned off their video game. The good news is that this feature may be about to appear on PC.

This intention was anticipated by Roanne Soanes, head of the Xbox Hardware division, during an interview carried out on the occasion of the new event dedicated to Asus ROG Ally, the hybrid device between portable console and PC that wants to challenge Steam Deck.

In fact, the event also saw the active presence of Microsoft, which admitted that it wanted to improve the experience of PC players by taking inspiration from what it did with its consoles.

The Xbox Series X/S Quick Resume, or a very similar variant, would be a great first step, which is currently being discussed by the Redmond house and which, inevitably, would benefit the usability of Asus ROG Ally and other similar platforms.

The most ambitious idea would be to allow players to resume playing their favorite titles even on different platforms, using only a single Windows account, for example, we could continue a title played on our main PC directly on a hybrid platform like Asus ROG Ally precisely, without losing any progress.

For the moment, of course, these are only speculations under discussion and nothing is certain, but there is no doubt that this could be a revolution for the PC gaming market, made possible thanks to the development of the Xbox Series X/S.