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Xbox Live Gold Free Games for February 2023 Available Now

Xbox has confirmed the new free games available in February 2023 with Games With Gold: here is the list of titles to download for free.

Microsoft has come out of the closet and officially announced the new Xbox Free Games available at Games With Gold. Check out the complete list below.

Xbox Live Gold Free Games for February 2023 Available

Xbox Live Gold Free Games for February 2023 Available

February 2023 is upon us, which means there are new games for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Paying players can once again look forward to two fresh titles for the Xbox.

Just like during the previous months, the initiative reserved exclusively for subscribers to Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass Ultimate will allow you to redeem 2 new free titles for free, at no additional cost. This time there have been no rumors or leaks whatsoever but, curiously, the announcement comes as Xbox offers you the new games for free with a great return.

With a post published on the official Xbox blog, the house of Redmond has thus released the names of the new titles that will be available in the next month.

Below we present the official list of free Xbox Games With Gold games that will be available in the coming weeks:

  • For the King (February 1-28)
  • Guts N Goals (February 16 – March 15)

For the King

  • The kingdom of Fahrul is shaken, someone unknown has murdered the king and chaos reigns. The queen, therefore, calls on her citizens to arm themselves and protect their own homeland. This also means you as a player compete against enemies in turn-based battles and gradually explore the game world.

Guts N Goals

  • The second game in February is intended for all those who otherwise don’t really know much about football. Although Guts N Goals also focuses on the sport with the ball, the rules are less strict. For example, if all players have a bat in their hands, they can be beaten and there are also one or two obstacles on the field. There is still a referee, but you don’t have to be afraid of a red card.

To be able to redeem them, simply go to the Gold member area on your Xbox console to download the games. The games will appear on the 1st and 16th of each month. Or, switch to Games with Gold on Xbox.com to queue games for download to your console and you’re done.

As always, the free games will be accessible only to Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, and once redeemed they will remain in your library and can be played forever, provided you still have an active subscription.