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Microsoft Reportedly Tried to Bring Xbox Game Pass to PlayStation, But Sony Blocked It

Microsoft confirms that it wanted to bring Xbox Game Pass to PlayStation, but received a sharp no from Sony.

According to a report by Tom Warren of The Verge, we learn that Microsoft, in an effort to defend the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, has been discussing Xbox Game Pass and whether the service could have come to PlayStation if Sony wanted to. Check out all the details below.

Xbox Game Pass on PlayStation Reportedly Blocked by Sony

Xbox Game Pass on PlayStation Blocked by Sony

The long-distance battle between Sony and Microsoft for the possible acquisition of Activision Blizzard by the Xbox group continues, with the Redmond house that has decided to reveal an interesting background on Xbox Game Pass to support its position.

One of the main concerns behind the possible success of the deal is in fact the possibility that the subscription service may have a monopoly on the market, thus strongly hindering its rivals – mainly Sony and PlayStation.

And it is precisely for this reason that the CMA, the UK antitrust body, has decided to temporarily block the deal: a decision that has literally infuriated Microsoft, leading the giant to launch the accusation of having taken the defense of Sony without considering the facts and potential harm to consumers.

As revealed by Tom Warren, Microsoft claims that it would have wanted to bring its Xbox Game Pass subscription service on PlayStation consoles too. A move that, predictably, would have received a sharp no from Sony.

As a result, Microsoft claims that Sony “has chosen to block Game Pass from PlayStation”, then launching a jab against the PS Plus subscription service:

Microsoft says Sony has “chosen to block Game Pass from PlayStation” and that it has “elected to protect its revenues from sales of newly released games, rather than offer gamers the choice of accessing them via its subscription, PlayStation Plus.”

The implication from the Redmond house is very clear, if Sony claims to want to protect consumers’ interests by blocking the deal, it should make moves that allow them greater choice, as well as offer potential savings on the purchase of games.

Of course, this is Xbox’s home defense only and we don’t know if there will be any kind of statement from PlayStation. In any case, it’s certainly curious to find out how there would actually have been an attempt to bring Game Pass to rival consoles.