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Xbox Game Pass October 2022 First-Half Games Revealed

Xbox Game Pass does not leave you empty-handed even in October, because the first 9 free games of the month have been announced.

Xbox Game Pass is also preparing to expand its catalog of free games in October 2022, with a list of new titles available starting from today. Check out the list of games coming to Xbox Game Pass in the first half of October 2022 below.

Xbox Game Pass October 2022 First-Half Games

xbox game pass october 2022 first half games revealed

Microsoft’s subscription service, Xbox Game Pass, is now one of the critical services in the life of the average gamer. In addition to the titles that you will find below, there is one that appeared by surprise, just today, in the catalog.

And while October has started very recently, Xbox Game Pass is preparing to further include in its ranks some new free video games. As announced on the usual Xbox official site, here are the free games that will be available starting in the next few days within the Xbox Game Pass:

  1. Chivalry 2: Starting today
  2. Medieval Dynasty: From 6 October
  3. The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season: Starting October 6
  4. TWD: Season Two: Starting October 6
  5. Costume Quest: Starting October 11
  6. Eville: From 11 October
  7. Dyson Sphere Program: Starting October 13
  8. Scorn: From October 14th
  9. A Plague Tale: Requiem: Starting October 18

To be able to get them and start the download as soon as the games are available, just go directly from the Xbox Game Pass app available on consoles and PCs. Alternatively, you can go to this address to start the operation from your browser and then have fun with the games you want.

October also leaves behind other games, however: here are the titles to which you will have to say goodbye:

  1. Bloodroots
  2. Echo Generation
  3. Into The Pit
  4. Ring of Pain
  5. Sable
  6. The Good Life

Since no official communication has yet arrived, we cannot know for sure when the next free games will be removed, but in all probability, they should no longer be available as of October 15, 2022.