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Xbox Game Pass in May 2023: All New Games Coming and Leaving

Check out the list of games coming and leaving Xbox Games Pass in May 2023, including Redfall, Ravenlok and more.

The end of April 2023 month is approaching again, so it’s worth taking a look at May 2023. We already know some of the new games for the Game Pass. In the article below, we have summarized which new titles are coming to the Xbox Game Pass subscription service – and which ones are leaving too.

New Games Coming to Xbox Game Pass for May 2023

Xbox Game Pass May 2023 Coming and Leaving

The official announcement of games coming to Xbox Games Pass in May 2023 by Microsoft is still pending. Nevertheless, we already know a selection of games that will be waiting for you. Below are a few games that are expected to be announced in the first half between May 1st and May 5th, 2023.

  • Redfall (May 2nd) – Console, Cloud, PC
  • Ravenlok (04 May) – Console, Cloud, PC
  • Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2 (May 11) – Console, PC
  • Amnesia: The Bunker (May 23) – Console
  • Railway Empire 2 (May 25) – Console, PC
  • Farworld Pioneers (May 30) – Console, PC

Highlights in May 2023


  • Redfall is the new action shooter from Arcane Austin (Prey). In this title, you fight either alone or with up to three other players against vampires and all kinds of undead junk. For this, you not only use normal firearms but also have superpowers at hand. So one hero can turn invisible while the other uses telekinesis.

These games will leave Xbox Game Pass in May 2023

No games are officially known yet that will leave Xbox Game Pass in May 2023. The same applies to upcoming updates, DLCs, and perks that will come with Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate. As soon as Microsoft announces information about this, we will inform you about it here.

In this list, you will get to know about some particularly good games from Xbox Game Pass that we can expressly recommend to you. And similar to every month, you can also check out which games ended up in Game Pass last month as well.