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Xbox Game Pass Will Lose 9 Free Games Soon (December 31)

The free games that will leave Xbox Game Pass at the end of 2022 have been confirmed, including Scarlet Nexus and Outer Wilds.

We have now officially entered Christmas week, which brings us closer to saying goodbye to 2022 and starting a new year. But unfortunately for fans, it also means that the time has come to find out which free games will say goodbye to Xbox Game Pass before 2023. Check out the complete details below.

Xbox Game Pass Will Lose 9 Free Games Soon

Xbox Game Pass Soon Will Lose 9 Free Games

The subscription service from Microsoft, Xbox Game Pass, is in fact constantly renewed with new free games, even starting from day one, but which are often not permanent and which will give up various freebies over time.

At the moment, the new free games arriving by the end of the month have not yet been announced — and consequently, we do not know if Hot Wheels Unleashed will be reinstated soon, after the mysterious removal of a few days ago — but Microsoft has just announced through its official apps which titles will leave the subscription service starting December 31, 2022.

As soon as 2023 begins, Xbox Game Pass will no longer offer the possibility of taking advantage of 9 free games, among which there are also hit titles and particularly interesting productions.

Below we will therefore summarize the complete and official list with all the titles that will be removed from the subscription service at the end of the year, as announced by Xbox Game Pass recently:

  1. Scarlet Nexus
  2. Outer Wilds
  3. Tropic 6
  4. Embr
  5. Gorogoa
  6. Immortal Realms
  7. Iron Harvest
  8. Secret Neighbor
  9. The Pedestrian

Among the most famous titles, Scarlet Nexus stands out in particular, the ambitious action RPG by Bandai Namco that was only made available on the market since last year, but there are also popular productions such as Outer Wilds and Tropico 6.

We remind you that you will therefore have until December 31, 2022, to be able to retrieve them all and play them before it’s too late. At the moment the new free games have not yet been announced, but according to some rumors, Microsoft could soon reveal a cheaper subscription with the presence of advertising.