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Xbox Game Pass Leak Reveals Gungrave Gore Coming on Day One

It seems that a new email communication from Xbox has unveiled a new free game, Gungrave Gore, coming to Xbox Game Pass.

According to reports, an e-mail sent by Xbox to European and Italian users has surprisingly unveiled a new free game coming on day one to Xbox Game Pass, previously not announced by the Redmond house. Check out all the complete details below.

Gungrave Gore Could be Coming to Xbox Game Pass on Day One

gungrave gore coming to xbox game pass

Some European subscribers of the Xbox newsletter noticed that in the letter summing up the results of Gamescom 2022, among the projects of the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, a dynamic action game is also listed.

This is Gungrave GORE, a third-person action shooter made by the South Korean studio IGGYMOB: according to reports from the new official communication from Microsoft, it seems that users will be able to download and play it for free right from day one on Xbox Game Pass.

In fact, in the communication sent to users subscribed to the service, reference is made to the games arriving on the subscription service revealed during Gamescom 2022: however, the action shooter had not yet been officially announced.

It could therefore have been an oversight and a reveal that took place in advance: in fact, the e-mail also refers to the possibility of pre-installing the game on consoles, which at the moment however does not appear to be available.

In any case, the communication has also provided us with a brief description of what can await the fans within this ambitious title, which we have reported below:

The game, therefore, promises to be an action-packed shooter devoted mainly to attack: it is not yet clear why it was chosen to communicate this new free launch only through e-mail communication, but it is plausible that further confirmations will arrive in the next few hours.

Considering that the link to the official page and a themed graphic has been inserted, it seems unlikely to think of an incorrect announcement, making the hypothesis of an early communication by mistake more plausible: in any case, we will keep you promptly updated as soon as we receive further news about it.

Speaking of upcoming news, we would like to point out that soon it may be possible to share the free Xbox Game Pass games with friends and family.