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Xbox Game Pass Leak Reveals New Friends & Family Subscription Tier

Are free sharing games coming to Xbox Game Pass? Check out the new Friends & Family subscription tier that might be coming soon.

Xbox Game Pass continues to offer many free games for all subscribers to the service of the Redmond house, although now it seems it’s time for something new. It seems that an Xbox Game Pass Friend & Family subscription tier has just leaked in a new logo that you can see in the image below, and that is soon going to be announced by Microsoft. Check out all the details below.

Xbox Game Pass Leak Reveals New Friends & Family Subscription Tier

xbox game pass leak reveals new friends & family subscription tier

The Xbox Game Pass catalog does not seem to mean enough to the avalanche of free titles coming. After all, it is also true that the list of all the free games currently confirmed for 2023 on Xbox Game Pass suggests that the best is yet to come.

Now, after the new games of the second half of August are about to give way to those of September, it’s time for a little gem coming during next spring.

According to reports, a logo with the words Xbox Game Pass: Friends and Family has recently been revealed online. It seems that Microsoft is reportedly experimenting with an Xbox Game Pass level that will allow players to share their Game Pass subscription with friends and family.

Called the Xbox Game Pass Insider Preview, the service allows users – currently limited to those in Ireland and Colombia – to add up to four people to their membership, all with unique access to Game Pass Ultimate games, content, and benefits.

The newly discovered logo has not yet been formally shared with the public. While it hasn’t been officially confirmed by Microsoft, it appears that the ability to share the pass will cost more than paying $10.99 per month for Game Pass Ultimate.

Staying on the subject, you will not have to fear any Xbox surcharge: the company has in fact stressed that the cost of Xbox Series X will not increase, unlike what Sony announced for PS5.

It is also true that, however, the Xbox consoles will be nowhere to be found at Christmas, according to what has been announced recently by the Xbox boss Phil Spencer.