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Xbox Consoles Will Be Hard To Be Found This Holiday, Phil Spencer Confirms

Will Microsoft be able to solve the inventory crisis at least for the Christmas period? According to Phil Spencer, buying Xbox consoles will be a problem.

The current generation of consoles, not only Xbox, is facing and will face a stock crisis for some period of time. While Xbox Series S can be easily bought on Amazon, for example, Xbox Series X is almost always unavailable with traditional methods and at list price.

An issue that obviously affects all manufacturers, including the competition, and for which there is no real solution at the moment. And while PlayStation 5 will officially increase in price, as announced yesterday by Sony, Phil Spencer updates us on the status of Xbox Series X availability. Check out all the details below.

Phil Spencer Confirms Xbox Consoles Will Be Hard To Be Found This Holiday

xbox consoles hard to be found this holiday, phil spencer confirms

The Xbox boss was recently interviewed by Bloomberg on YouTube, and in this full-bodied conversation, Phil Spencer has stated quite frankly that he thinks Microsoft will not be able to meet the demand for Xbox consoles, even during the holiday season.

A period that is central to sales, but that the Redmond giant will face in scarcity like everyone else. In that sense, Phil Spencer stated the following: “I still think demand will outstrip supply for us this holiday. We’ll see when we get into 2023, you’ll start to see more, that supply is catching up with demand, and maybe actually see one in the store when you walk in.

Even for the whole of 2022, it will not be easy to buy a console normally, therefore. A problem that is likely to continue even further in view of the international situation and the Taiwan crisis.

To date, therefore, the latest generation consoles will continue to be difficult to buy throughout 2022, as previously confirmed.

Last year the umpteenth crisis of the semiconductors coming from Malaysia had put various global distributors even more in difficulty, worsening an already very serious situation. And who knows what will happen after the aforementioned price increases of PS5?