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Will Titanfall 3 be the Next Title of Respawn? Here’s The Answer

Do you think that Titanfall 3 will be the next game of Respawn? Here comes the answer from a well-known journalist.

For years, players have been screaming for an official announcement of Titanfall 3, despite the fact that there is no trace of the game at the moment. Now, according to reports, Respawn is working on a new Triple-A single-player FPS that will focus on “style and mobility”. Do not be under any illusions, however, since apparently, it will not be the long-awaited Titanfall 3. Check out the complete details below.

Will Titanfall 3 be the next title of Respawn?

will titanfall 3 be the next game of respawn

We know that Respawn Entertainment is focused on several projects: in addition to Apex Legends, which continues to be important to the Titanfall team, the studio is said to be working on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2. However, there seems to be the third game in the works that has not yet been announced.

Recently Mohammad Alavi revealed that he had left Respawn, and shortly thereafter Jeff Grubb, a reporter at GamesBeat, published a report in which he revealed that he was developing a new project that will continue despite his resignation.

According to the report, this game is a new AAA single-player first-person shooter, but that is not Titanfall 3. Despite this, the title should have some things in common with the robot series, including the style.

The design phase will continue in the coming months, and will subsequently pass to the production phase. For Jeff Grubb, Electronic Arts would be considering a launch in 2024 or 2025, but things can still change.

We remind you that since it is just a rumor it is necessary to take this information with due caution. Considering that development is still in its early stages, it may take some time to learn more about the project.

Finally, as regards the cross-progression of Apex legends, Respawn announced some time ago that it is in the works but that it will still take some time before seeing it online.