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White Xbox Series X Coming Soon, According to Logitech Astro Ad

One advert shows an unreleased Xbox Series X in white color, courtesy of Logitech Astro.

Xbox Series X has been available for several months now, together with its “younger” sister, namely Xbox Series S, although soon Microsoft may launch a new color for the console on the market. Check out the Logitech Astro Ad video showing Xbox Series X in white color below.

White Xbox Series X Could Be Coming Soon

white xbox series x could be coming

On the occasion of the Logitech event that was held in the past few hours, the manufacturer of gaming accessories and peripherals has released an advertisement showing an unreleased Xbox Series X in white color.

At the moment it is not clear if this is really a new Xbox Series X model destined to release on the market, given that right now there has been no official communication about it.

Just below you can check out the promotional video that would show the Xbox Series X in white, viewable in a rather clear and evident way.

The commercial for the ASTRO A30 wireless headphones shows this particular model of the Microsoft console for more than a moment, along with a PlayStation 5 and various other accessories from the Swiss manufacturer.

Astro Gaming is part of Logitech and is dedicated to creating professional gamer-optimized versions of the company’s products, but the white Xbox Series X console is not among the products listed on its website.

The original model released in November 2020 has already received some special variants, such as the console dedicated to the Halo series and which included the game Halo Infinite, but to date, this new white color has not yet been revealed by Microsoft.

Interestingly, just earlier this week Microsoft announced the release of a white Elite Wireless Controller, the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, which could be a hint of what’s coming on the Xbox Series X side as well.

Speaking of Xbox Game Pass, Deathloop, Slime Rancher 2, Valheim, Grounded, and many other titles have recently joined the subscription catalog for September 2022.