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Uncharted 5 Could Be In Development at Sony’s San Diego Studio?

Recently, the developers at Sony San Diego were repeatedly associated with a possible Uncharted 5. The curriculum vitae of former studio head Michael Mumbauer provides fresh speculation in this direction.

A few months ago, developers at Sony’s San Diego studio announced that behind the scenes the studio had started work on a new PS5 project.

While those responsible at Sony San Diego did not want to go into any more detail so far, the studio was repeatedly associated with a possible Uncharted 5 in the past few weeks. The curriculum vitae of Michael Mumbauer, who until November last year held the post of studio head of Sony San Diego, provides fresh speculation in this direction.

He points out that Sony’s San Diego is currently working on an action-adventure based on an existing brand. But that’s not all: Mumbauer also links in the “Featured” section of his LinkedIn profile to a video by the YouTube channel RobinGaming, which speaks of an Uncharted 5 that Sony’s San Diego has for PlayStation 5 that should be in progress. Another reference to the successor?

“His latest achievement is having built a brand new, all-star, AAA Action/Adventure development team for Playstation. Based in San Diego and utilizing proprietary engine technology, this team was assembled to expand upon existing franchises and craft all-new stories for the next generation of gamers,” says Mumbauer’s resume when he was with Sony’s San Diego studio.

However, Uncharted 5 has not yet been officially confirmed. Recently it was confirmed that Uncharted, The Last Of Us, and More TV Shows and movies based on PlayStation Franchises are in production.