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Ubisoft Plus Could Be Coming To Xbox Game Pass Soon

Ubisoft Plus could be finally coming to Xbox Game Pass after all. This is hinted by a clue left online by a verified leaker.

According to reports, it seems that the Ubisoft Plus catalog may soon be available to Xbox Game Pass users on Xbox consoles as well: this is reported by a well-known insider, who seems to have discovered new references to the service following the latest updates. Check out the complete details below.

Ubisoft Plus Could Be Launching on Xbox Soon

ubisoft plus coming xbox game pass

Many huge Ubisoft titles have recently been introduced on Xbox Game Pass and perhaps it will soon be possible to access many other games of the company, which probably would not be included in the service.

In fact, we recall that the first confirmations on the arrival of Ubisoft+ on the Microsoft home console had already arrived in January, but the company was quick to specify that it would be a separate plan.

Waiting to find out if it will really be like this or if, in the meantime, the plans will be changed, an insider has anticipated the arrival of the subscription service for the gaming platforms of the Redmond house.

The Lumia Updates user, who has already correctly anticipated changes and new advertisements on the Xbox store, has in fact published a new post that simply includes the Ubisoft Plus logo, thus anticipating a possible announcement in the coming days.

It is therefore possible that this could be one of the great reveal expected for the Xbox Gamescom 2022 conference, even if it does not seem that an entry on Game Pass is currently planned.

We remind you that currently the subscription service is only available on PC or in cloud gaming thanks to Stadia, but has recently been integrated into the new PlayStation Plus.

We do not know if Xbox Game Pass will decide to follow the same path, perhaps reserving it exclusively for Ultimate or PC users, as already happened for the integration with EA Play, but we remember in any case that this is an indiscretion not confirmed by the directly concerned.

Consequently, as usual, we invite you to take the news with the necessary precautions: we will keep you informed on our pages with all the latest updates on the story.

Waiting to find out more, we remind you that from August 30th another great Ubisoft game is coming for free on Xbox Game Pass, not to be missed for all subscribed users.