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Torchlight Infinite Codes – How To Get New Codes From Discord?

Torchlight Infinite Discord server gives you free rewards when you join the community. Also, there are random drops, here is how to get these rewards.

Want to know how to get new Torchlight Infinite Codes? There are two ways, one is via rewards drops shared via Twitter or YouTube videos, and the second is via Torchlight Infinite Discord Community. Currently, you can grab some phenocryst as free rewards for joining the discord server. In this guide, you can get steps on how to do that also some old codes. Check if they are working or not.

Torchlight Infinite Codes May 2023

Torchlite Discord Rewards

  • Free Primocrysts as Thank You Discord Gift – 1HLRHOCZMEMWU.
  • Free 100 Jagged Primocrysts – Link Email to the Game via Settings Menu.
  • First Recharge Reward – Get Top-Up Bonus.

Torchlight Infinite Discord has a discord-reward channel where you can get info on the latest free codes. The bot will randomly send codes, yet the frequency of code drops is not yet confirmed. Another way to get free codes is via Twitch drops. You will have to watch gameplay and in between there can be random code flashes. We will be updating this article with more code updates in the future. Makes sure you bookmark this link and keep it saved for instant access. Codes are limited and will be active for a short period of time. Some of them are limited to a few starting users.

How to Redeem Codes in Torchlight Infinite?

Click on Options on Top Right then click on Settings. Go to Other and click on Redeem Code. Type the code and claim the rewards. There are some free rewards linked with a binding account. If you go into the Account Center you will see you can link the following accounts with Torchlite Infinite.

  • Tap Tap Account
  • Google Account
  • Apple Account
  • Steam Account

There is also First Recharge Reward where up get additional in-game currency and items on recharge. The best way to get new codes is to keep an eye on the Discord Server. There you will get random drops, as well as info on upcoming events and reward codes. For example you get 50 Jagged Primocrysts just by joining the discord server. Click this link to know more about Torchlite Infinite Discord Invite Link.