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The Walking Dead: Survivors Multiplayer Game Announced

The Walking Dead: Survivors, a mobile game inspired by the comic series of the same name, which has since become a reality television series, has been announced.

It is a strategic PvP title, developed by the software house Skybound Games, which will offer the opportunity to interact with some iconic characters of the franchise, among which we mention Rick, Michonne, Maya, and Glenn. Your goal will be to create an army to fortify and defend your city.

Obviously, you will also have the possibility to expand it, going to the conquest of new territories. You can also develop defenses that will keep enemies away from your city. To do this, you will be called upon to craft the necessary resources.

The Walking Dead: Survivors will allow you to create real clans with users from all over the world, thanks to the integration of an immediate translation system and through many other useful features, such as giving or receiving help.

The view will be isometric, as in Clash of Clans, so to speak, so that you can have the whole city under control and save your community of survivors from the very dangerous enemies. You will have to be very careful also to your friends, the danger is always around the corner, and letting your guard down could prove fatal.

The game, at least initially, will be available in preview for Android devices, so Apple users will have to wait. As for the release date, we know that it will be released in the summer for iOS as well. The future of gaming, however, will be literally at hand. The mobile game market is constantly expanding, so much so that the largest software houses are gearing up to give users more and more exciting titles. Precisely in this sense we must see the move of Electronic Arts which, not later than a month ago, announced the acquisition of Glu Mobile (we talk about it in more detail here ).