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The Last of Us Part 3 Plot is Outlined & Could “See the Light of Day”, Neil Druckmann Confirms

According to what emerged from a recent interview with Neil Druckmann, the plot of The Last of Us Part 3 is ready, and can one day “see the light of day.”

Although a few months have passed since the release of The Last of Us Part 2, and despite this, the latest effort by Naughty Dog has managed to break every possible record (becoming the game that has won the most awards ever), it would seem that the software house has already prepared the plot of The Last of Us Part 3.

According to the recent words of Neil Druckmann, creative director and co-president of Naughty Dog, the story for the third chapter of the series would be ready and that sooner or later will “see the light of the day”, even if at the moment its development would not be part of the upcoming plans of the studio. Here is what was said to the microphones of the Script Apart podcast:

“I don’t know how much I want to reveal… [co-writer Halley Gross] and I did write an outline for a story, that we’re not making – but I hope one day can see the light of day – that explores a little bit what happens after this game. We’ll see.”

According to the words of the co-president of Naughty Dog, the idea of ​​making a sequel to TLoU2 has generated several internal discussions, as the development of such titles takes a lot of resources for the development team (in terms of work) to make them.

Furthermore, Druckmann stated that after finishing the development of a game, the studio spends a lot of time to draw inspiration from different ideas, whether it will be a possible The Last of Us Part 3, a completely new IP, or even of a remake (as was recently suggested by Schreier himself).

After we finish one of our big titles, we take a long time to explore different ideas, whether it’s going to be The Last of Us 3, whether it’s something new, whether there’s some old franchise we want to go back to. I like to fully explore all of those, then look at it, like: okay, we have all of these ideas in front of us. As a studio, what do we want to commit to? Because it’s a huge commitment: monetary, time, passion, talent, so you think about all the opportunity costs that come with that.

Waiting to find out more details on the subject, we remind you that The Last of Us Part 2 is already available on PS4 and PlayStation 5, even if in the latter case it can be played taking advantage of the backwards compatibility of the console (since Naughty Dog has not yet released a next-gen update).