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The Last of Us 2 Pre-Alpha Gameplay Shows Infected With Big Butts That Explode

The Shamblers from The Last of Us 2 originally looked even grosser, as shown by a Naughty Dog developer’s pre-alpha gameplay clip. Check the video below.

The Last of Us 2 pre-alpha gameplay revealed

The Last of Us Part 2 features various types of infected people that look extremely disgusting. Ultimately, the fungal pandemic has been raging for a while in the second part of the series, which has resulted in various mutations. One of them is the so-called Shambler.

The shamblers are probably the toughest opponents in the sequel to The Last Of Us game. With their size and strength alone, they pose a great danger, and there is also the ability to remove a poisonous gas. So it is not advisable to go into hand-to-hand combat.

Here’s how the Shambler was originally supposed to look like

Thanks to Matthew Gallant from Naughty Dog, we now know what the Shamblers looked like in their first version. The Lead System Designer has released a short clip from the pre-alpha version of The Last of Us 2, in which the highly infected has a completely different look.

Particularly noticeable are the protruding red butts of the monsters, which explode when a shambler falls to the ground.

As with all aspects of the game, the Infected in The Last of Us 2 were designed with great attention to detail. This also applies to the shambler’s backstory. These monsters are related to the “Bloater” from the first part, but were exposed to water and moisture for a long time. That’s why we also find them in areas like Seattle and Santa Barbara, which have high humidity.

What about The Last of Us Part 3?

Needless to say, we want to know how the infected will develop after The Last of Us 2. But it is not yet clear whether this will happen at all. According to Neil Druckmann, Naughty Dog has a first version of The Last of Us Part 3 plot ready, but the developers want to give the ideas plenty of room to develop. In fact, it could be years before a third part is announced.