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The Last of Us 2 Battle Royale Mode Leaked, According To Datamining

The YouTuber “Speclizer” is a dataminer who took care of The Last of Us 2, discovering a battle royale map present within the code.

A Battle Royale mode could be coming to The Last of Us 2

A dataminer found assets for The Last of Us 2 that suggest Battle Royale mode in this title. Everything was documented in a video shared below. There are lots of content, but will it eventually make its way to the game in the form of an update?

Yesterday, information about assets dug through data mining was released to the web. All thanks to a user from the Speclizer YouTube channel who decided to discuss his findings.

A map turned out to be very useful when combining all the elements – a special model that showed many locations from the basic version of the game. As it was noted in the video, they were joined together so that they were much closer. This makes sense as the battle arena in Battle Royale must have a logical distribution of specific points, not necessarily in the same way as in the singles mode.

There were also specific items on the video, specifically a specialist helmet for listening to other players, a special collar (maybe for a dog?) And a handheld TV that looks like a walkie-talkie with a small screen. The dataminer also dug up several other files but failed to restore them to viewable form. Even so, he came up with names that indicated the backpack, the helmet, and the rest of the armor.

It is worth noting, however, that the content from the video below does not necessarily have to be included in the game. In the meantime, the creators could give them up or change their plans.

Now we just need to wait for the official news about the multiplayer mode for The Last of Us 2. What do you think about the idea that Battle Royale will be confirmed in The Last of Us 2?