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How To Cheat In The Finals Game – Are There Any Cheat Codes?

Does The Finals allow players to cheat or not? What are the consequences if you caught cheat. Here is everything about using cheat codes in The Finals.

The Finals is an interesting FPS game that brings a fight between three and four teams of three each. You can use the game environment, and explosives for your benefit. But what about The Finals cheat codes? Does this game support Cheat Engine or Trainers?  Well in this guide you will learn about The Finals Cheat codes and everything about using mods, etc.

Are You Allowed To Use Cheat Codes in The Finals?

The Finals Cheat Code

No, The Finals does not allow any kind of third-party mods, cheat engines, or cheat codes. It is protected by the Easy Anti-Cheat system which is widely used. This system is used in games like Apex Legends, Fortnite, Dead by Daylight, Gears 5, Rust, etc. A pretty robust system that does not allow players to do any kind of modification to the game. So in simple words, you cannot cheat in The Finals.

If your account is caught using any kind of modification or cheating in the game you will be permanently banned from playing The Finals. Embark Studios has mentioned clearly in their Anti-Cheat policy that if you are banned from Closed Beta or Open Beta, your account will be still banned. It will not become active in the final release, all account status will be carried forward.

Along with this if you find anyone cheating in the game you can always report them through the game Friends & Parties menu. Follow the below steps if you plan to report anyone.

  • Go to Friends & Parties > Recently Played With and pick a player.
  • Then go to Player’s profile page and click on Report Player.
  • Specify the reason for to report and provide additional info if required.

Rampant cheating has been an issue in The Finals, many players pointed out others using cheats in the game. However, developers are asking for valid proof before banning the players. It is best to avoid cheat engines or trainers to play The Finals. Instead, go to the Practice section and play continuously to make yourself comfortable with the game mechanics.

The more you practice the better you will be in multiplayer matches. For more help on the game do check our The Finals guides section.