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The Callisto Protocol Features Horror Experience with 3D Audio & DualSense

With The Callisto Protocol the newly founded development studio Striking Distance is creating a new horror title for consoles and PC. According to official information, PS5 owners can look forward to a particularly dense and eerie atmosphere – thanks to features such as the 3D audio or the functions of the DualSense controller.

The Callisto Protocol is created under the supervision of Dead Space creators and, according to the developer, it should bring you no less than one of the scariest horror experiences of our time.

In an interview with the official PlayStation magazine, Schofield took up the topic of atmosphere again and pointed out that his team would like to make active use of the features on the PlayStation 5 and in this way create a particularly dense and eerie atmosphere.

Thanks to Tempest 3D-AudioTech, for example, it will be possible, according to Schofield, to give the players an exact impression of the direction from which the enemies are approaching, in order to create a particularly oppressive atmosphere. “You can hear something, and it sounds like it’s behind your back, or it’s just above you. With headphones on, it’s insane,” Schofield added in the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine.

Even if a gruesome soundscape is always the focus of internal efforts when working on a horror title, the exclusive functions of the DualSense controller should also be explored accordingly – including the haptic feedback.

Schofield also said the following: “We’ll see how we can get that to work. But I think we can get a couple of scares out of the of the controller itself. There’s a number of things that are really going to help us make a next-generation survival horror.”

The Callisto Protocol will be released in 2022 for consoles and PCs.