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Super Mario Bros Wonder Check Mark Guide: What it Means?

Check Marks appear on the level selection menu and they are there for a reason.

Check Marks are for a special reason in Super Mario Bros Wonder. They are displayed next to the Level name. If you are confused about what are check marks in Super Mario Bros Wonder and how to get them then here is the answer.

How To Get Check Marks in Super Mario Wonder?

Super Mario Wonders Checkmarks

Green Check Marks mean you have collected every specific item in the level. Whether it’s Wonder Tokens, Wonder Seen, Gold Coins, etc. It simply indicates the Level is 100% complete with nothing left to explore. It appears only after the level is complete with no collectible items left. You will not see this at every level because there can be still something left to collect.

There are a few more important things you must know about Super Mario Bros Wonder. The game classic 2D scroller and all about collecting items, crossing obstacles by jumping, and reaching the last pole to progress to the next level. If you are new to the game then the below tips will help you to avoid unnecessary struggle to complete a level or find an object.

  1. Transform to get more power before hitting any block. This will reward you with more power-ups.
  2. When in an open area instead of entering into a level explore to unlock hidden mysterious regions.
  3. Flower Coins are the in-game currency, stack them as much as possible to buy items later on. Avoid spending much on power-ups save them so that you can give them to Poplin to open a locked path.
  4. You can store a maximum of 999 coins in your inventory, so buy Wonder Seeds if you are near the coin limit or buy badges.
  5. Focus on getting Badges, for example, the Floating Cap badge lets you summon a cap that acts as a mini parachute. Allowing you to hover in the air and grab coins.

Super Mario Bros Wonder is all about exploration, there are many hidden paths during levels. If you see Mario doing a searching action then it means the level has still something left. It can be a hidden token, a coin, or some hidden paths that are accessible only through invisible blocks or breaking objects. It is best to check every nook and corner of the level before proceeding to the next world.