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Sumo Digital Is Hiring for Two Unannounced Games

Sumo Digital is one of those studios you never hear about too often, yet it is one of the most concrete and consolidated companies in the video game industry. Only recently have they developed Sackboy: A Big Adventure, one of the launch titles for Sony’s next-gen console, Playstation 5.

In recent weeks, rumors have been spreading that they have two new mysterious projects not yet announced, including a Triple-A title. The proof would be the job advertisements of the company, which is looking for new creative staff to expand their skills.

Sumo Digital is in fact trying to hire new qualified personnel for two projects that we don’t have any information about at the moment, but which, nevertheless, we can try to rebuild.

One of them should be a multiplayer third-person shooter, although we currently know little about it: for this project, it seems that the company is looking for developers who have extensive experience in PvP combat. The other, and probably the biggest project, is said to be a AAA title, an open-world action game from an already known and established saga.

Sumo Digital is known to the public for many different titles, however, their flagship games are definitely the Sackboy sagas, Crackdown and Team Sonic Racing, and so one of them could be the big Triple-A title for which the announcement is about.

However, since the Sackboy mascot has recently returned to the spotlight with the launch of PlaySation 5, we feel we can rule out its return in the near future, while as regards to Crackdown, its latest video game release has not met with great acclaim, and would need then a strong relaunch to bring the brand back into fashion.