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How To Get Exclusive Rogue Outfit In Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League

Want to grab some exclusive goodies? Here's how to get the Suicide Squad kill the Justice League preorder bonuses on PS5.

With the release date of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League nearing close on PS5, it’s revealed preorder bonuses are set to reward players with its digital in-game goodies. While the preorder copies come with early launch access, they also offer limited exclusive outfits for players. Considering the two-month delay, it is obvious that players might feel a bit unsure about this live service game. But that said, donning the special Rogue outfits for your Task Force X characters might change your mind.

Don’t worry, check out our guide on how to get exclusive Rogue Outfits in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League on PS5. In our guide, we have also explained that the Deluxe Edition rewards players with more exclusive in-game goodies. So, here’s everything you need to know.

How to Get the Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Exclusive Rogue Outfits

Get Exclusive Rouge Outfit in Suicide Squad PS5
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You can get the exclusive Rogue outfits by pre-ordering the standard edition of the game. It costs $69.99 and will also allow you to instantly access the exclusive outfits for every Task Force X character. So, here are all the preorder bonuses you can get in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League:

  • Rogue Outfits
  • Classic Outfits

The Rogue outfits pack is a quirky spin-off to all the character designs for Task Force X. It gives Harley Quinn a more iconic look with the red, black, and white outfit from her early designs alongside a cool jacket. The King Shark dons a tropical necklace designed from BMG rounds. Adding more, Captain Boomerang gets a cowboy look with a traditional Akurba Hat from the Aussie tradition. Ultimately, Deadshot’s fit is closer to his classic armored look ready for a fight against the DC supes.

Coming to the Classic outfits, it offers the original comic book fits for all the playable characters. But note that the standard pre-order doesn’t include early access before the launch.

How to Get the Deluxe Edition Pre-Order Bonuses

You can get the Deluxe edition by paying $30 extra with a total price of $99.99. This grants players a 72-hour early launch access alongside more outfit bonuses.

So, here are the following pre-order bonuses you get with the Deluxe edition:

  • Justice League Outfits
  • Rogue Outfits
  • Classic Outfits
  • 3 Black Mask Notorious Weapons
  • Squad Golds Weapon Dolls
  • No Shade Color Swatches
  • 1 Battle Pass Token
  • 72 Hour Early Launch Access

The Justice League outfits pack offers a twisted look for all the Suicide Squad members inspired by the Justice League. This pack turns Harley Quinn into Wonder Woman, Deadshot into a Batman and Red Hood crossover look, Boomerang into the Flash, and finally King Shark into Superman.

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