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Street Fighter 6 Demo “Hides” Training Mode: Here’s How to Enable It

Capcom has launched a demo of Street Fighter 6 focused on the story mode today, but someone has discovered how to enable the training mode.

Street Fighter 6 recently showed itself with a new showcase, after which a demo was also released. However, in this recent hours, some eagle-eyed gamers have found a training mode in the demo of Street Fighter 6: check out the steps in this article on how to enable this mode.

How to Enable Training Mode in Street Fighter 6 Demo

How to Enable Training Mode in Street Fighter 6 Demo

A recent showcase of Street Fighter 6 summarized everything we knew so far, revealing some new features and also the arrival of the first additional characters via DLC. The title is preparing for launch while the new characters that will become part of the roster have been revealed over the weeks.

However, the Street Fighter 6 showcase left players with the promise to get back to the title with a demo available immediately on PlayStation consoles, and from April 26 it will be also available on Xbox and PC.

Now, the Street Fighter 6 demo, available for download right now on PlayStation, will focus mainly on character creation and World Tour mode, and save game progress in this feature will not be transferable to the full version, but you will be able to automatically import your customized fighter.

Unfortunately, unlike what was initially assumed, you will not be able to test the features online. But if you can’t familiarize yourself with the move lists of your favorite characters, someone has discovered how to enable a somewhat clandestine training mode in Street Fighter 6.

Training mode is not officially available in the demo, but it can still be accessed with limited functionality with a simple workaround.

In Character Guide mode, any guide that requires carrying out a special move lets the gamers to practice using it by pressing the touchpad during the demonstration. By doing so, in the guide relating to the Level 3 Super, it is possible to access a training mode, however, with limited functionality of course, compared to that of the final game.

Remember that Street Fighter 6 will release on June 2nd on PC, PS5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.