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Stray Blade Action RPG Title Announced: Release Date, Platforms, Story, Trailer, & More

Stray Blade is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC in 2022.

During yesterday’s Xbox Showcase, 505 Games revealed their new action-RPG game entitled Stray Blade, which is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. The title is developed by Point Blank.

Stray Blade Release Date, Platforms

In the Xbox event of Gamescom 2021 yesterday, the development team of 505 Games announced a new action-RPG game: Stray Blade. The title will release on the next-gen consoles of PS5, Xbox Series X/S as well as PC. The game has a generic release date of 2022.

Stray Blade Story

In Stray Blade, you and your companion Boji explore the ancient Area valley and reveal the history of this forgotten valley. There you have to master the powers of the three acrean metals in order to restore peace to the broken land.

Ahead of you is challenging battles to test your skills as you explore the ancient ruins of an enigmatic civilization. Legends tell of Acrea, the Lost Valley, a wild and overgrown place where great power slumbers. You found this forgotten land – and died. After a while, you were miraculously brought to life, but that also has its price – you are now bound to this land.

From now on, embark on an unforgettable journey and discover the history of Acrea and its ancient legacy. Find out why this once peaceful valley became a scene of war and death, use your knowledge to destroy the relics of the past and restore peace.

Acreas presents itself as a colorful world, ranging from overgrown city ruins to frozen caves and winding canyons, which you explore together with your companions into the deepest corners of a constantly changing world and full of adventure.

Here’s the announcement trailer of Stray Blade