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Starfield Will Reportedly Be Revealed This E3 2021, Launches Late 2021 – Rumor

Bethesda Game Studios’ sci-fi RPG Starfield could be unveiled in a few months. This is at least indicated by a well-informed journalist who rates the disclosure as very likely.

Starfield will release late 2021

For several years Bethesda Game Studios has been working on a new sci-fi role-playing game called Starfield, which is to be established as the third major brand alongside The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. Except for a short teaser trailer, those responsible have not yet given a look at the title. However, that could change this year.

GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb has revealed to a dealer gaming stream that Bethesda Softworks is pursuing a similar marketing and release plan for Starfield as it was for Fallout 4. Accordingly, it is very likely that the company will use E3 2021, which will incidentally take place entirely digitally, to fully reveal Starfield and publish it at the end of the year.

Of course, the Covid 19 pandemic could lead to postponements and further problems. Recently, other insiders had indicated that Starfield could release at the end of 2021.

However, the question also arises as to which platforms are supported by Starfield. After Bethesda Softworks was acquired by Microsoft, the future of several brands on the PlayStation is uncertain.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer recently emphasized that brands that already have a past on other platforms would like to continue to support them as multi-platform titles. This would affect The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, and DOOM among others.

Since Starfield is a completely new brand, it would have no past and could appear exclusively for Xbox Series X/S on consoles and the PC. Todd Howard, Director of Bethesda Game Studios, recently emphasized that it was hard to imagine that the title could be released exclusively for the Xbox.