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Where To Get And Buy High-Tensile Spidroin In Starfield

Here's where to get and buy High-Tensile Spidroin in Starfield with their exact locations.

Starfield features a plethora of organic resources, materials, and items to farm. The High-Tensile Spidroin is one of the rarer resources that can be used for various gear upgrades. But similar to other resources, you can farm and find these resources only in limited locations. Aside from that, you can also buy them from limited vendors and merchants.

So, check out our guide on where to get and find High-Tensile Spidroin in Starfield for exact locations. In our guide, we have also mentioned locations to buy these resources. Here’s everything you should know about getting these resources to upgrade gear.

Starfield High-Tensile Spidroin Locations

Get High Tensile Spidroin in Starfield

The easiest way to get the High Tensile Spidroin is by harvesting it from a plant named Frigid Palm. You can find several of them by heading to the Linnaeus system. You can fast-travel to the system and land on the Linnaeus II planet. If you’re struggling to find the system, it’s located to the southeast of the Alpha Centauri system.

  • It is a level 45 system, however, you can head to any snowy or icy region to find Frigid Palm.
  • Once found, scan the plant and select the Harvest option.
  • Lastly, you can find the High Tensile Spidroin added to your Inventory.

While each of the plants drops one of these resources, you can find plenty of them around the planet. So, ensure to collect most of them.

Where to Buy High-Tensile Spidroin in Starfield

You can buy High Tensile Spidroin only at a limited number of vendors across certain planets. But it’s worth noting that their stock is usually limited. So, it might be a bit hassle to farm High Tensile Spidroin.

Here are the following locations where you can buy these resources:

  • Jemison Mercantile located at New Atlantis on planet Jemison (Alpha Centauri system).
  • Denis Averin located at Cydonia on planet Mars (Sol system).
  • UC Exchange at Cydonia on planet Mars (Sol system).

Item ID

If you don’t care much about your earned Achievements, you can also use an Item ID to spawn High-tensile Spidroin. The Item ID for that is 000055AA. So, you can use the following console command to spawn this item:

  • ‘additem (000055AA) (Value)’

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