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Starfield Collector’s Edition Watch and Manual Leaked

Few images of a Starfield collector's edition watch and a manual have been leaked online. Check out the details on these Android watches now.

Starfield is a real mystery. The upcoming Bethesda game is in fact set to release on November 11, 2022 on Xbox Series X/S, and PC, but we have not yet seen even a piece of gameplay. Despite its absence, it seems that one of the gadgets intended to accompany its launch has been unveiled well in advance. Let us find out the Starfield Collector’s Edition Watch and Manual below.

Starfield Collector’s Edition Watch and Manual Leaked

starfield collector's edition watch leaked

According to a leak, the new game from Bethesda seems to have a very special launch, accompanied by a watch produced by The Wand Company. There is little doubt that it can refer to Starfield: first of all this particular gadget had already been seen in one of the advertising videos of the software house regarding its new title.

In addition, everything recalls the lore of the action RPG, starting with the word Est. 2188 and the Chronomark brand, obviously created specifically for the new game produced by Todd Howard and associates. Now, it is still unclear whether this particular watch will be launched as “stand-alone”, that is, as a simple watch to buy to celebrate the release of Starfield, or if it will be included in the Collector’s Edition.

By checking the manual it is clear that this special watch is actually an Android-based smartwatch. The chances of it being included in a special edition of the Bethesda game are very high, considering that in 2015 Fallout 4 was launched with a Pip-Boy, where you could insert and use a companion app on your Android and iOS smartphone that was intended to help players in their raids through the Commonwealth. Bethesda could therefore re-propose the same, identical experience, using different lore.

Beyond the contents of the Collector’s Edition, as we said at the opening of the news, we know very little about Starfield. We sincerely hope that during this summer Bethesda will finally be able to lift the curtains from its game, perhaps taking advantage of one of the many events scheduled between June and August.