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Star Wars Eclipse from Quantic Dream Seemingly Leaked

Star Wars Eclipse game from Quantic Dream has been apparently leaked by industry insider and reporter Jeff Grubb. A new Star Wars game is incoming.

The development team of Quantic Dream, author of games such as Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls, has not yet officially revealed their next project, possibly dedicated to Star Wars. However, according to reports from an industry insider and reporter Jeff Grubb, Star Wars Eclipse seems to be a new Star Wars game that is apparently in development at the video game studio Quantic Dream. Check out all the details of the new Star Wars game below.

Star Wars Eclipse Leaked

star wars eclipse leaks

In January of this year, there was talk of David Cage’s new game, although no further information was received in the following days. Only last September did the news emerge that a game focused on the Star Wars franchise not yet announced would be in development at Quantic Dream.

Now, as reported by GiantBomb reporter Jeff Grubb in a recent podcast, it seems that Star Wars Eclipse will be the new title of Quantic Dream’s Star Wars game, which will be set in the era of the Star Wars: The High Republic.

The reporter Jeff Grubb discussed the rumored project in the podcast and said that it will show up very soon, anticipating a potential reveal at The Game Awards next month or during Disney’s campaign ‘Bring Home the Bounty’.

Grubb also believes that the new adventure of David Cage and associates will be set during the era of the Star Wars: The High Republic, which is about 200 years before the events of the movie, where the Galactic Republic and the Jedi reigned supreme.

We just have to wait for an official confirmation on the development of Star Wars Eclipse, which could arrive sooner than expected.

The Star Wars fever is still growing, therefore, given that already during the last PlayStation Showcase the return of Knights of the Old Republic was announced with a remake on PS5 which was very faithful to the original. But not only that: an upcoming video game will be inspired by Star Wars, taking its cue from the plot of The Empire Strikes Again.