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STALKER 2 New Gameplay Teaser & Hero Revealed

The end-time shooter STALKER 2 has been in development at GSC Game World for some time. Now the developers have given a short update on the status of the work.

A few weeks ago, those responsible at GSC Game World published a gameplay teaser for the upcoming end-time shooter STALKER 2. Now the PR employee Zakhar Bocharov has given an update on the development.

In that sense, Bocharov stated the following on Xbox Wire: “You’re seeing this world through the eyes of a stalker named Skif— remember the codename, you will hear it a lot. Following the steps of its predecessors, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 introduces a completely new main protagonist. His actions will shape the new grand chapter in the history of the Zone.”

The players should experience rapid changes in scenery, ominous landscapes and the ever-present feeling of inevitable danger. You will experience this new adventure in the role of the stalker Ski. A new protagonist is thus introduced, whose actions will shape the next big chapter in the history of the zone.

In the teaser trailer, we were taken to a dilapidated school on the outskirts of the ghost town of Pripyat, with a campfire nearby. However, Ski is exposed to the radiation, which will also represent a permanent danger in the new part. It will appear again and again, forcing the stalker to seek shelter and wait for the energy wave to end. However, there are other dangers in the shadows that should not be underestimated.

The development of the PC and Xbox Series X/S versions should go well. They want to offer the highest possible quality on all platforms and thanks to the fast SSD, RTX support and 4K display, STALKER 2 should also be the ultimate experience that was promised from the start.

STALKER 2 has not yet been given a release date for the Xbox Series X/S and the PC. Since it will only appear exclusively for the Microsoft consoles, PlayStation players should also be able to enjoy the shooter at a later date.