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Square Enix Possibly Working on A New Parasite Eve Game, Trademark Suggests

Square Enix has registered the "Symbiogenesis" trademark: is it a return of Parasite Eve?

A new trademark registered by Square Enix may have suggested the surprise return of Parasite Eve, but the famous horror series could be forced to a radical change and present itself with a different name. Check out the complete information below.

Parasite Eve Could Be in Development at Square Enix

Square Enix Working on A New Parasite Eve Game

Seeing the number of classic JRPGs that have returned to life through remastered and remake versions, of course, there are many other series that are still expected to follow in the future. Square Enix is ​​one of the most active in resurrecting their old JRPGs and it seems likely that Parasite Eve will also receive the same treatment.

In recent weeks, some clues had already arrived on the possible return of Parasite Eve, after some suspicious requests for the removal of ROMs and patches related to the series, but just a few hours ago the confirmation of the registration of a new brand arrived.

According to reports, on October 13, 2022, Square Enix has in fact registered the mysterious trademark for “Symbiogenesis”: a term which, as reported by Wiktionary, means “the union of two separate organisms to form a single new organism.”

There is no need to remind fans that this very definition is the same basis behind the story of Parasite Eve: the fact that Square Enix registered the brand could suggest a possible return in view of the series, albeit under a new name.

A theory that the insider DuskGolem also seems to believe: Aya Brea is in fact a character designed specifically for video games, making it possible to continue her story even in an IP that has a different name from the original novel.

For the moment, we obviously don’t know for sure if it is really a new name for Parasite Eve, if in the end, the publisher will return to use the name of the original IP or if, speculation is not to be excluded, it is even a project completely original.

Fans of the horror series just have to cross their fingers while waiting for more good news: as soon as we know more about the mysterious Symbiogenesis, we will keep you promptly updated on our pages.