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Splatoon 3 Announced for Nintendo Switch, Will Release in 2022

One of Nintendo’s top IPs is back. Splatoon 3 will once again bring us together with people from all over the world to paint the scenes and thus show who is the boss on the battlefield.

The first two installments of the franchise were already a resounding success for Nintendo Switch, so it is not surprising that we see how the series continues. Thanks to the trailer seen during the Nintendo Direct, we have been able to take a look at what awaits us this time.

We can see how we can customize our Ink, changing elements such as hairstyle, skin tone, or eyes. The character is accompanied by a friendly creature with bulging eyes, reminiscent of a fish out of water. We can also choose its appearance, to our liking.

The trailer continues with Ink returning to the great metropolis aboard a subway car, accompanied by beings of all kinds. Next, we are shown a new gameplay in which we can see that the pictorial battles that are present again. There is even a small crab that will help us during the fighting.

The events of the game will unfold in the “sun-scorched lands of Splatland” and in the new city of Splatsville, which is inhabited by “battle-hardened inklings and octolings.” Splatoon 3 introduces new weapons, including the bow, as well as new modes of movement and customization options.

Splatoon 3 does not have a release date for Nintendo Switch, however, the Japanese company has indicated that the title will release sometime in 2022. We will know more details regarding the development of the title in the future.