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Sonic Frontiers Trailer With Release Date Leaked, Launches Day Before God of War Ragnarok

A new Sonic Frontiers trailer has been leaked accidentally by Sega, with a release date attached.

Sega has accidentally leaked (by mistake) the official release date of Sonic Frontiers in a new trailer, a few hours before the start of Gamescom 2022’s Opening Night Live. Check out the complete details and the leaked trailer showing the release date of Sonic Frontiers below.

Sonic Frontiers Trailer Leaked With Release Date

sonic frontiers trailer with release date leaked

Sonic Frontiers, the new game of the hedgehog was supposed to be one of the great protagonists of the Opening Night Live at Gamescom today, but the Japanese team has posted the new trailer well in advance, which ends with the release date. The video was quickly removed from YouTube, but not fast enough to prevent users from taking screenshots, and the trailer listed below that discloses the release date of the title.

As you can see in the leaked trailer below (and also from the image available above), Sonic Frontiers will release starting on November 8, 2022. The release date is scheduled to be made official this evening during Gamescom 2022, along with the new trailer that will show some new locations of the game.

The first reactions to the release date were not positive. In fact, many fans expected a delay, given the conditions of the game: for a good slice of people, lovers of the blue hedgehog, the title simply does not reflect certain quality standards.

However, SEGA had expressed a contrary opinion, stating that the release in 2022 would have been respected properly: said fact, this announcement reveals precisely the strategy of the Japanese publisher and developer, that is, no delay and release in the period indicated initially.

With the release scheduled for November 8, 2022, Sonic Frontiers will have to see it (in terms of sales) with another very highly anticipated game. Let’s talk about God of War Ragnarok, which will release on the next day for PS4 and PS5. The end of the year proves to be decidedly full of games to be enjoyed by players once again.