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Sonic Collection Leaked By French Retailer

According to current reports, Sega could celebrate the 30th anniversary of the popular Sonic franchise with the so-called Sonic Collection. This was at least suggested by a corresponding product entry by a French retailer.

Sonic Collection is coming soon

The iksample studios, on the other hand, which specialize in voiceovers and localizations, listed a remastered version of Sonic Colors among the titles they are working on. And while Sega remains silent on this information, we have now received references to another project that could be published on the occasion of the brand’s 30th anniversary: ​​the Sonic Collection.

This appeared in the range of a French retailer. Since concrete details are pending as well as an official confirmation by Sega, it can currently only be speculated what the collection is all about or which games are on board.

Both the classic 2D titles of the series and the more modern 3D adventures would come into question here. Let’s wait for an official statement from Sega.

As Sega has confirmed several times in the past, fans of the Sonic franchise can look forward to several new projects on the 30th anniversary of the brand.

These include, for example, a Netflix series that will be launched in the course of the coming year and, according to official information, will see itself as a “series for the whole family.”

In addition, work is being carried out on the second movie for the world’s fastest hedgehog. But fans of video games can also get their money’s worth in the course of the celebrations.